SBI Group lays down the following compliance code of conduct based on its managerial philosophies and all officers and employees shall comply with it.


<Five managerial philosophies>

"To have sound ethical sense of value"

"To become a financial innovator"

"To aim to become a creator of new industries"

"To continue self-evolution"

"To fulfill social responsibilities"

<Five managerial philosophies> of SBI Group are in conformity with the spirit of compliance. Two of the philosophies, "to have sound ethical sense of value" and "to fulfill social responsibilities," are broken down as follows as ways of conduct with full respect for compliance. These are superordinate concepts to the rules etc. to be complied with by all officers and employees.

1. Code of conduct to win the confidence of customers

  • To stick to the customer-centered approach and provide highly reliable products and services which are useful in the society and are in conformity with laws, regulations, and social norms
  • To strictly manage transactions with customers and information obtained in connection thereof and not divulge them to any third party without justifiable grounds
  • To obtain personal information in an appropriate manner and use it only within the scope of notification, publication, or purpose of use for which consent is obtained
  • To secure adequate quality in the course of performance of operations to respond to the trust of customers
  • To make an appropriate and full explanation on transactions with customers
  • To solicit customers in good faith
  • To conduct business activities with an awareness of the public responsibility and social influence as a company engaged in financial business
  • To approach customers in good faith, always taking their position into consideration
  • To moderately associate with customers
  • To meekly listen to customers and cope with their complaints sincerely and quickly

2. Code of conduct to win the confidence of shareholders etc.

  • To establish a sound management system in conformity with laws and regulations such as the Companies Act and Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
  • To ensure sound finance and allocate appropriate profits in proportion to the business performance
  • To conduct business with the emphasis on shareholders, customers, and society and positively and fairly disclose information
  • To avoid allocation of profits to shareholders etc. without compensation

3. Social code of conduct

  • To conduct business by determining whether it is a right thing to do or not in the light of social justice
  • To make individual companies of SBI Group recognize their social nature as a constituent element of the society and contribute to the maintenance and development of the society by responding to requirements of various stakeholders (interested parties)
  • To stick to the scope of business pursuant to the laws, regulations, etc. relating to types of business of SBI Group
  • To completely fulfill obligations stipulated in laws, regulations, etc. relating to types of business of SBI Group
  • To promote the fair, transparent, and free competition in view of the gist of the Act on Prohibition of Private Monopolization and Maintenance of Fair Trade
  • To contribute sustainable growth of the society as a good corporate citizen
  • To tackle environmental issues in an independent and positive manner based on the recognition that they are indispensable for a company to exist and conduct activities
  • To refrain from seeking for benefit for oneself or any third party by using undisclosed information obtained in the course of fulfillment of duties
  • To respect intellectual property right
  • To keep sound, normal, and transparent relationship with political or administrative organizations
  • To firmly confront antisocial forces
  • To comply with laws and regulations concerning identity verification, expose suspicious transactions in a timely and appropriate manner, and cooperate in prevention of provision of funds to terrorism and money laundering

4. Code of conduct to build a better corporate culture

  • To respect human rights without conducting any act of discrimination
  • To arrange and keep a pleasant and open working environment
  • To properly treat and assign employees based on appropriate evaluation

5. Code of conduct as a member of an organization

  • To make internal decisions in a transparent and fair manner
  • To fulfill duties by acting for the benefit of the Company
  • To make a sharp distinction between public and private and maintain the integrity
  • To strictly manage information and protect the reputation of the Company
  • To keep fair and highly transparent relationship with group companies in order to ensure sound management
  • To immediately make reports and hold consultations when finding any violation of compliance without neglecting it

6. Code of conduct of top management

  • To recognize that they are responsible for realization of the spirit of this Code of Conduct and take the lead in keeping relevant persons fully informed of it
  • To grasp views within and outside the Company all the time, arrange effective internal scheme, and try to establish corporate ethics and realize thoroughgoing implementation of compliance, the denotation of corporate ethics.
  • To declare that top management themselves will try to solve problems inside and outside the Company upon occurrence of violation of this Code of Conduct and make efforts to find out the cause and prevent recurrence thereof
  • To quickly and adequately disclose information and fulfill accountability to the public, clarify where the authority and responsibility lie, and severely punish officers and employees including top management themselves