SBI Shinsei Bank, Limited (hereinafter, the "Bank") hereby declares its basic policy against antisocial forces as follows:


  1. The Bank will eliminate any relationships whatsoever with antisocial forces.
  2. The Bank as a whole will cope with antisocial forces in an organized manner.
  3. The Bank will ensure the safety of its employees who are handling unreasonable demands from antisocial forces.
  4. The Bank will promptly take appropriate measures to cancel transactions already entered into with antisocial forces, if such transactions are found.
  5. The Bank will provide no funds whatsoever to antisocial forces.
  6. The Bank will reject unreasonable demands from antisocial forces, and take legal actions, both civil and penal, as needed.
  7. The Bank will make constant efforts to create close and collaborative relationships with outside specialists, such as the police, the "violation-elimination-promotion centers" (bouryoku-tsuihou-undou-suishin centers), and lawyers.