Terms and Conditions

As of November 14, 2019
As of January 4, 2023


These websites include www.sbishinseibank.co.jp, corp.sbishinseibank.co.jp, careers.sbishinseibank.co.jp, www.sbishinseibank-recruit.com, lake.jp (collectively the "Websites") and are operated and managed by SBI Shinsei Bank, Limited ("the Bank"). Read and understand the notes below before using the Websites. Check the latest terms of conditions for using the Websites since the Bank may change them without notice.


In addition to the terms of conditions for using the Websites, PowerFlex Customer Agreement and other terms of conditions prescribed by the Bank apply to the banking services provided by the Bank. Check PowerFlex Customer Agreement posted on the Websites. Customers of the financial products and services provided by the Bank are requested to check  Policy for Sales of Financial Products established by the Bank. With regard to the Bank's basic stance on information disclosure and disclosure methods, check Our Approach to Timely Disclosure. For the Bank's basic policy for protecting personal information, check Basic Policy Concerning Protection of Personal Information.

1. Information Posted on the Websites

The purpose of the Websites is to disclose a wide range of information including news releases to the media. The Websites are based on the information that the Bank believes to be reliable, and the Bank makes every effort to updating it. However, the Bank does not guarantee that the information posted is accurate, up-to-date or complete. Furthermore, the Websites do not necessarily post all information published in the media, and the information posted may be extracted from the information released to the media.

2. Forward-looking Statements

The information and documents posted on the Websites include forward-looking statements about the Bank's industry, operations, plans and targets, financial conditions and performance. These statements are based on the Bank's expectations, assumptions, estimates and projections as of the date of the information or documents provided (or as of the date provided separately for the information or documents).


These forward-looking statements may include various risks and uncertainties. In general, the statements include, but are not limited to, words such as "may", "anticipate", "expect", "forecast", "predict", "plan" and similar words. The Bank's actual performance may differ materially from the outlook included in or suggested in the statements due to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and various other factors. The Bank does not guarantee that the information provided in the statements regarding the Bank's expectations, forecasts, estimates, or projections will be achieved. In addition, the Bank does not always update forward-looking statements.


Potential risks and uncertainties that could affect the Bank's performance include, but are not limited to, (1) general changes in Japan's economic conditions, (2) weak performance of the entire Japanese financial system, (3) market risks including interest rate fluctuations that affect the Bank's trading and investing activities, (4) the effects of future regulatory changes, (5) unexpected barriers to business expansion and (6) the ability to maintain appropriate risk management. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, those that go beyond the control and control of the Bank, and factors that could affect the Bank's performance.

3. Copyright

The copyright of all information, trademarks, designs, etc. posted on the Websites belongs to the Bank. The entire websites are also subject to copyright and belong to the Bank as editorial copyrights. Accordingly, the Websites cannot be used, copied or altered without the Bank's permission.

4. Protection of Personal Information

The Websites store their user information such as address, name, telephone number and e-mail address in accordance with their wish for the purpose of mailing disclosure magazines and other materials and recruiting human resources. The Websites appropriately protect and manage the stored information in accordance with the Bank's Basic Policy Concerning Protection of Personal Information, use the information appropriately within the scope of the purposes disclosed in Purpose of Use of Personal Information and do not use it for any other purposes. Unless stipulated in the Basic Policy Concerning Protection of Personal Information, the Bank will not provide or disclose such information to any third party. See the Bank's Basic Policy Concerning Protection of Personal Information for the handling of the personal information stored on the Websites.

5. Cookies, etc.

•Use and purposes of using cookies, etc.

The Websites may use cookies and Web Beacon for the purposes of ensuring security, improving operability, capturing the trend of customers' access from browsers and enabling the Bank to provide and introduce appropriate products and services for each customer.


Cookies are a technology that enables a web server to identify a customer when he/she accesses the same website, by storing certain text files (information) on the customer's terminal through a web server when the customer has accessed a website. Web Beacon is a technology for capturing how many times a specific page has been accessed. The Bank does not include information that can directly identify customers, such as name, date of birth, telephone number, email address and address in cookies. However, for PowerDirect customers and customers who used the Bank's services through emails sent from the Bank, the Bank may include in cookies information that can identify such customers in order to provide services that are customized for each customer. (This information does not allow anyone other than the Bank to identify a customer.) When the Bank handles information collected by cookies, etc. in association with customer information using information that can only be identified by the Bank, the Bank handles the information as personal information based on the Bank's Basic Policy Concerning Protection of Personal Information. Customers can use the Websites by deactivating the cookies function. (Note that some contents may not be available without the cookies function.) Cookies do not affect customers' terminals or the information stored on the terminals.


The Bank categorizes its customers under specific conditions such as interest, concern and age inferred from data collected by cookies, etc., and may provide information (segments) on this classification to advertising distribution companies, etc. such as advertising distribution companies, media companies and advertising companies for the purpose of the aforementioned use. The information to be provided will not include information that enables the information recipient to identify a customer.

•Utilization of IM-DMP

The Bank utilizes IM-DMP, a data management platform operated by Intimate Merger Co., Ltd. Such data management platform operators (hereinafter "DMP operators") collect and accumulate web browsing and behavior histories using cookies, etc. The browsing and behavior histories include information from sites operated by DMP operators other than those of the Bank's website, but do not include information that can identify specific individuals.


The Bank may receive and use customer data for their interest and concern estimated by DMP operators based on their viewing and behavior histories for the aforementioned Use and Purpose of Cookies, etc. This information may be used in conjunction with the personal information of customers owned by the Bank. The information associated with customer information is handled as personal information in accordance with the Bank's Basic Policy Concerning Protection of Personal Information.

•How to Opt Out (Reject) Data Acquisition

Customers can delete or deactivate cookies and reject acquiring information such as viewing histories and behavior histories on the web browser by changing its settings. Customers can also reset or deactivate advertising IDs (AAID, IDFA)* and reject acquiring information such as browsing and behavior histories.
 *Identifier IDs used for advertising on smartphones and tablet apps.


Access the following URL for the profile of DMP operators providing IM-DMP, privacy policies and data acquisition opt-outs:


・Intimate Merger Co., Ltd.
 Corporate profile: https://corp.intimatemerger.com/main/company/about/
 About the use of IM-DMP data: https://corp.intimatemerger.com/sub/datapolicy/

6. About Linked Sites

The information posted on third party websites linked from or to the Websites ("linked sites") shall be managed under the responsibility of each company and is not under the management of the Bank. Accordingly, the Bank is not responsible for any information posted on linked sites.

7. Prohibited Actions

The following actions are prohibited when using the Websites :


  1. Actions that infringe or may infringe on the property or privacy of a third party or the Bank
  2. Actions that cause or may cause disadvantage or damage to a third party or the Bank
  3. Actions that violate or may violate laws, regulations or ordinances and actions that violate or may violate public order and morals
  4. Actions that file or submit false information such as registering another person's e-mail address
  5. Actions that use or may use, or distribute or may distribute harmful programs such as computer viruses
  6. Other actions deemed inappropriate by the Bank

8. Disclaimer

The Bank disclaims any liability for any problems, losses or damages resulting from use of the information or information posted on the Websites. In addition, the Bank may suspend or discontinue the operation of the Websites and may change their contents without notice, but assumes no liability for any problems, losses or damages resulting from such actions.

9. Language

Should there be any differences in the interpretation of the Japanese- and English-language versions of these Terms and Conditions, the Japanese version shall have priority.