SBI Shinsei Bank, Limited (hereinafter, the "Bank") hereby specifies its Social Media Policy in respect of the operation of the Bank's official social media accounts and the use of social media by its officers and employees.

Social media refers to the media that enables communication among an unspecified number of users using the Internet and World Wide Web technology.

1. Purpose

SBI Shinsei Bank intends to appropriately use social media to strengthen relationships with our stakeholders through a broad range of good communications between our officers and, employees and the Bank's stakeholders. The Policy herein prescribes the guidelines that need to be observed for such a purpose.

2. Awareness and responsibility for using social media

The officers and employees of the Bank shall be responsible for information they provide with the sufficient awareness that (1) information posted through the Internet can be accessed by an unspecified number of users, (2) information cannot be completely deleted once it is posted, and (3) information provided by each person could have a significant impact.

More specifically, the officers and employees shall always: exercise self-control so that their words and actions do not deviate from acceptable social norms; respect diversity and other people's opinions; pay attention not to mislead others; and take responsible actions as a conscientious member of society.

The officers and employees of the Bank shall not disclose through the use of social media any confidential information whatsoever obtained from their duties at the Bank, and shall be fully aware that any information provided by individuals will be connected to the evaluation of the Bank. Furthermore, the officers and employees shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, social norms, the SBI Group Compliance Code of ConductThe Charter of SBI Shinsei Bank Group Corporate Behavior, and other internal rules. In respect of personal information, the officers and employees shall comply with laws, regulations, and the Basic Policy concerning Protection of Personal Information established by the Bank. In addition, the officers and employees shall respect and shall not breach any copyrights, trademark rights, portrait rights, and other rights of third parties.

3. Information provided through social media

Information provided by the officers and employees of the Bank through social media, including comments using official accounts, shall not necessarily reflect the official announcements or views of the Bank. The Bank makes official announcements and expresses its views on its website and News Releases, inter alia.


The communication interaction method (whether a reply can be given, time taken to respond to a question, communication methods) may vary depending on the account. Please refer to the SBI Shinsei Bank official twitter account and SBI Shinsei Bank official facebook page.


This Policy may be revised following changes to the social media environment. All revisions shall be notified on this webpage.


Established on July 3, 2012

Revised on June 13, 2022